***Available Bearded Dragons***

The 2023 breeding season is quickly coming to an end, but we still have some exceptional sub-adults and young adults available. Many of these are already breeder size, and most will be ready to breed in early in 2024. Please check back often, as these will sell quickly once posted!  

Please call to purchase:  760 277 8570

Dragons are updated daily…make sure to refresh your browser!

Hypotrans #T-BK
17″, 225g Female
$1800    SOLD  

Het Hypotrans #2-BK
19″, 352g Male (toe-nip Left Foot)
$700    SOLD    

Translucent, Het Hypo #K-BK
18″, 363g Female
$1600    SOLD  

Translucent, Het Hypo #11-BK
16″, 230g. Male
$1400    SOLD  

Hypo Translucent #X-BK
17″, 261g. Female
$1500     SOLD 

Hypo, Het Translucent #7-M
20″, 390g Male
$400    SALE  $300

Hypo Het Translucent #V-BK
16″, 205g Female
$600    SOLD

Hypotrans #A-BK
16″, 325g Female (toe/tail nip)
$1800   SOLD  

Translucent, Het Hypo #C-LB
16″, 225g Female (toe/tail nip)
$600    SOLD

Hypo Het Translucent #H-BK
15″, 204g Female (tail nip)
$600    SALE  $500

Het Hypotrans #J-BK
16″, 255g Female
$600    SALE  $450

Hypo, Het Translucent #1-M
16″, 225g Male

Hypo Het Translucent #A-M
16″, 235g Female
$500   SOLD  AM

Hypo, Het Translucent #1-BK
17″, 310g Male
$800    SOLD  

Het Hypotrans #1-R
18″, 248g Male
$400    SALE  $300   

Het Hypotrans #1-M
17″, 210g Male
$350    SOLD 

Hypo Het Translucent #3-R
20″, 372g Male
$400    SOLD

Het Hypotrans #7-BK
20″, 345g Male
$600    SALE  $500