***Available Bearded Dragons***

SPECIAL: This week only…Buy any dragon and get another 1/2 off!

The 2023 breeding season has begun, and we expect to have juvenile dragons available starting in April. We raise our dragons to a size of 9″-10″ before offering them for sale. Once ready, dragons will be posted here. Please check back often, as these will sell quickly once posted!  

Please call to purchase:  760 277 8570

Dragons are updated daily…make sure to refresh your browser!

Translucent, Het Hypo #7-BK
19″, 360 gram Male
$1800    SOLD

Hypo Translucent #A-BL
18″ Female
$1800    SOLD

Translucent, Het Hypo #N-BK
16″ Female

Translucent, Het Hypo #11-BK
16″, 230g. Male

Hypo Translucent #X-BK
17″, 261g. Female

Hypo Het Translucent #H-BK
16″ Female
$900    SOLD  BD

Hypo, Het Translucent #2-BK
19″, 282g. Male

Hypotrans #Y-BK
16″, 180g. Female

Het Hypotrans #A-R
17″, 250g Female

Hypo, Het Translucent #T-BK
16″, 248g. Female

Hypo Het Translucent #C-BK
15″ Female
$600    SOLD  

Het Hypotrans #L-BK
16″, 170g Female

Hypo, Het Translucent #3-LB
18″, 280g. Male

Het Hypotrans $A-G
16″, 255g Female
$300    SOLD  BD

Hypo, Het Translucent #8-BK
19″, 290g Male
$300    SOLD

Het Hypotrans #A-BK
15″ Female
$300    SOLD  BD

Het Hypotrans #1-BK
17″ Male

Hypo, Het Translucent #3-PR
18″, 305g. Male
$300    SOLD