Available Bearded Dragons

Our available dragons are pictured below. We will be adding new dragons, as soon as they have completed their second shed, almost every day. 

Please call to purchase:  760 277 8570


Leather Hypo Translucent #L-G
14″ Female (1 tiny toe nip)
$1200    SOLD

Hypo Translucent #A-BL
13″ Female
$1800    SOLD

Hypo Translucent #N-BK
12″ Female (1 toe nip left rear foot)
$1400    SOLD  

Leather Hypo Translucent #E-BK
16″/225g Female
$1800  *more pics in Breeder’s Choice

Leatherback Hypo Translucent #C-R
13″ Female

Leather Hypo Translucent #F-BK
13″ Female
$1500    SOLD 

Hypo Translucent #I-BK
14″ Female (minor toe nips)

Hypo Translucent #A-R
13″ Female
$800    SOLD

Dunner Hypo Translucent #4-BK
11″ Male
$750    HOLD  RV

Dunner Translucent Het Hypo #Q-BK
13″ Female
$500    SOLD

Dunner Het Hypo Translucent #3-BK
11″ Male
$300    SOLD  LS

Dunner Hypo Het Translucent #H-M
13″ Female
$450    SOLD

Dunner Hypo Het Trans #7-M
12″ Male
$350    SOLD

Dunner Hypo Translucent #Z-M
15″ Female

Hypo Het Translucent #1-G
13″ Male
$300    SOLD  LS

Het Hypotrans Blue Bar #C-M
12″ Female
$300    SOLD  GG

Dunner Translucent Het Hypo #A-PR
14″ Female (normal eye color)

Dunner Het Hypotrans #11-BK
13″ Female (tail nip)
$300    SOLD  SL