These well-started dragons have exceptional color and genetics, and will be a great addition to any breeding project! 


Massive Hypo Het Translucent Male! Hatched May 10 and already 21″ and 400 grams! If you want to produce big, healthy babies, this is a good start!

Giant Hypo Het Translucent #3-R
21″, 380g Male


















Stunning colors and pattern on this Het Hypotrans Male. Dark red-orange body with darker red pattern, lavender flecks, and yellow-orange back legs make this one of my favorites!

Het Hypotrans #7-BK
20″, 345g Male


















Stunning Dark Red Hypotrans Female. At 17″ and 260 grams, this female will be ready to breed any time! This one will produce solid red babies!

Hypotrans #T-BK
17″, 260 g Female
$1800    SOLD


















This Dark Red Hypotrans Female is absolutely amazing! She is 16″ long (has about 2″ of tail missing thanks to a cagemate), and weighs 325 grams, at only 8 months old! This is easily a $2000 dragon, but she has been reduced significantly due to toe nips (left rear) and tail nip. Will be an exceptional breeder!

Hypotrans #A-BK
16″, 325g Female (tie/tail nip)
$1800    SOLD