These well-started dragons have exceptional color and genetics, and will be a great addition to any breeding project! 


This Young Adult Male, Translucent, Het Hypo #7-BK is absolutely Stunning! At 19″ and 320 grams, he is ready for your best females. He is solid red. Pictures do not do him justice! In 32 seasons of breeding Bearded Dragons, this is one of the best ever! 

Translucent, Het Hypo #7-BK
19″, 320 gram Male

Male #7-BK Head







Male #7-BK Body



















Absolutely stunning red color and saturation on this 3 month old Hypotrans female.  A great way to add exceptional color to your colony!

Hypotrans #Y-BK
14″, 135 g. Female




















This guy is a massive 18″ and 250 grams at only 4 months old. He would be a great addition to any breeding project, and is sure to produce big, fast-growing offspring!

Hypo Het Translucent #3-LB
18″, 252g Male